The Finale Primer, 2014 Edition

The Finale Primer, 2014 Edition by Bill Purse
Publisher : Alfred Music
Release : 2014-10-30
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This comprehensive reference manual unravels all the intricacies of Finale 2014, for Windows and Mac platforms. The Finale Primer 2014 Edition helps you set up, edit, reformat, and reorganize your notation into a musical masterpiece. This fully illustrated step-by-step guide offers exercises, projects, creative ideas, and power-user tips that will improve your speed and help you become a Finale expert. This book is indispensable whether you're arranging an existing piece of music or creating an original work. This easy-to-use book includes: * Cross-platform instructions for both Macintosh and Windows * Tips to get the most out of Finale's powerful features such as HyperScribe, the Graphics Tool, and MusicScore Lite * Special sections on creative applications of Finale

The Finale NotePad Primer

The Finale NotePad Primer by Bill Purse
Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation
Release : 2003
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This fully illustrated primer unravels the intricacies of Notepad, the powerful program that enables musicians to edit any style of music into a desktop masterpiece.

Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition (Music Instruction)

Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition (Music Instruction) by Carol Klose
Publisher : Hal Leonard Corporation
Release : 2011-09-01
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(Educational Piano Library). This book is meant to assist teachers who wish to introduce their students to creative composition but have limited lesson time available and feel the need for some direction in starting and continuing the process successfully. The process involves devoting as little as five minutes of lesson time to composition, but at every lesson over a period of, for example, six to eight weeks. Suggestions in the concise Lesson Plans help bring about gradual changes or improvements from week to week that are enough to keep the piece developing, and, more importantly, to keep the student immersed and motivated in the process.

Information Industry Directory

Information Industry Directory by
Publisher :
Release : 2009
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Comprehensive directory of databases as well as services "involved in the production and distribution of information in electronic form." There is a detailed subject index and function/service classification as well as name, keyword, and geographical location indexes.

Technology Guide for Music Educators

Technology Guide for Music Educators by Scott David Lipscomb
Publisher : ArtisPro
Release : 2006
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An unbiased and non-brand specific guide to selecting the appropriate music technology products for your music program, based on grade level, budget, and your computers' platform or operating system. In this book, chapters are organized by music technology competencies, and cover from electronic musical instruments, to music notation software.

Song Sheets to Software

Song Sheets to Software by Elizabeth C. Axford
Publisher :
Release : 2009
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The third edition of Song Sheets to Software: A Guide to Print Music, Software, Instructional Media, and Web Sites for Musicians includes completely revised and updated listings of music software, instructional media, and web sites of use to all musicians, whether hobbyist or professional. New to the third edition is a CD-ROM with sections including Live Links, an expanded and easily searchable Tech Talk, and sample print music scores. Also new to the third edition are sections on digital sheet music and video game music, as well as an updated bibliography.

Making Music on the Apple Mac

Making Music on the Apple Mac by Keith Gemmell
Publisher : PC Pub
Release : 2005
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Provides information on computer music using a Macintosh, covering such topics as which Macintosh computer to use, recoding MIDI with GarageBand, burning CDs, and publishing music on the Internet.

Alfred's Musictech, Book 1

Alfred's Musictech, Book 1 by Tom Rudolph
Publisher : Alfred Music Publishing
Release : 2008-11
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The Music Tech Series Teacher's Manual incorporates all three of the books in the series (Composing Music with Notation, Playing Keyboard and Sequencing and Music Production). A Teacher's CD containing additional files not found in the Student CDs is included. The Teacher's Manual provides lesson ideas (suggestions that you can reference as you teach each page of the Student Books), assessment possibilities, and extension activities (additional activities you can consider to extend the lesson). The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.