History and Memory in Modern Ireland

History and Memory in Modern Ireland
Author : Ian McBride
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Total Pages : 300
Release : 2001-11-08
ISBN 10 : 0521793661
ISBN 13 : 9780521793667
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Discussing the relationship between the past and the present in Irish society, this 2001 title outlines the ways in which Irish identities have been shaped by oral tradition, icons and images, rituals, and re-enactments. It examines pivotal moments in Irish history, such as the 1798 rebellion, the Famine, the Great War, and the Northern Ireland troubles, investigating the ways in which they have been recalled, commemorated and mythologised. Beginning with the conviction that commemoration has its own history, the essays address questions concerning the workings of communal memory. How have particular political and social groups interpreted, appropriated and distorted the past for their own purposes? How are collective memories transmitted from one generation to the next? Why does collective amnesia work in some situations and not in others? What is the relationship between academic history and popular memory?