Norwegian Flashcards

Norwegian Flashcards
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Release : 2022-09-13
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Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

This ebook contains all flashcards from our website, one every two pages. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners to acquire some of the most important initial words that make up the majority of everyday conversation. Various features like bidirectional listing make this flashcard ebook the perfect tool on your ebook reader to boost your language skills. This ebook is split into 4 chapters and contains a total of around 2000 vocabularies which you can also find on our website. Each of the words covers two pages. Page one represents the question in the form of the vocabulary you should translate. Page two delivers the answer with translation and additional information for that word if needed. To learn the vocabularies, simply go from page to page and study the words one by one. The 4 chapters in the book contain 2 sets of vocabularies, once learned from English to Norwegian (chapter 1 and 2), and after that from Norwegian to English (chapter 3 and 4). Within that, the first chapter has vocabularies ordered by topic whilest the second chapter has 1000 of the most common vocabularies you need to learn ordered by how often they are used in daily conversations. In addition to using this ebook, you can also go to our website and use the flashcards there to learn and test yourself. The most important part of using flashcards successfully is to use them daily. Studying 100 words a day every day of a week will have a much bigger impact than studying 700 words once a week. Once you know most words in a chapter, write down the ones you still have trouble with and concentrate on those few words several times a day. Once you have moved on to a later chapter, it is also good practice to come back to early chapters from time to time to make sure the easier words are still in your memory. Over time, you will figure out what works best for you. Good luck!