The Conquest of Mexico

The Conquest of Mexico
Author : William Hickling Prescott
Publisher : e-artnow
Total Pages : 215
Release : 2020-12-17
ISBN 10 : EAN:4064066395278
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Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

"The Conquest of Mexico" in 4 volumes is one of the best-known works by an American historian William Hickling Prescott. Contents: VIEW OF THE AZTEC CIVILIZATION: Ancient Mexico Aztec Empire Judicial System Military Institutions Mexican Mythology The Temples Astronomy Tezcucans Decline of their Monarchy... DISCOVERY OF MEXICO: Spain under Charles V. Colonial Policy Expeditions to Yucatan Hernando Cortés Conversion of the Natives Great Battle with the Indians Christianity introduced Voyage along the Coast Spaniards land in Mexico... Account of Montezuma Spanish Encampment Plan of a Colony Management of Cortés Foundation of Vera Cruz Conspiracy in the Camp The Fleet Sunk MARCH TO MEXICO: Republic of Tlascala Desperate Battles Decisive Victory Peace with the Republic Spaniards enter Tlascala Terrible Massacre Ascent of the Great Volcano Entrance Into the Capital... RESIDENCE IN MEXICO: Description of the Capital Montezuma's Deportment Further Measures of Cortes… Montezuma swears Allegiance to Spain Politic Conduct of Cortés Discontent of the Troops Insurrection in the Capital Rising of the Aztecs… EXPULSION FROM MEXICO: Desperate Assault on the Quarters Storming of the Great Temple Death of Montezuma Retreat of the Spaniards Great Battle of Otumba War with the surrounding Tribes Spaniards cross the Sierra… SIEGE AND SURRENDER OF MEXICO: Arrangement at Tezcuco Battles at Xochimilco Narrow Escape of Cortés Conspiracy in the Army Beginning of the Siege… Indian Flotilla defeated General Assault on the City Successes of the Spaniards Termination of the Siege… SUBSEQUENT CAREER OF CORTÉS: Submission of the Country Rebuilding of the Capital Settlement of the Country Christian Missionaries Voyages and Expeditions Cortés Returns to Spain Brilliant Reception of Cortés Cortés revisits Mexico His Voyages of Discovery Final Return to Castile Death of Cortés…